Having my own online Boutique has been a dream of mine for several years - but life has always gotten in the way. After Baby #2, I made the very real, and very tough decision - not to return to my full time job that I LOVED as a Sales Manager for a Livestock Pharmaceutical Company. I'm a busy stay at home mom with many things on the go! We operate a small Purebred and Commercial herd, we are Sullivan Supply Dealers in Canada, we have two busy little ones, the list goes on... but there comes a time when you just need to follow your dreams.

The name Southern Bliss Boutique actually came to me years ago (and I actually did a name reserve then... that's how real this dream has been). I have always been obsessed with Western Fashion & Jewellery - and it's so hard to find those "different" pieces here in Canada, that have that Southern Flair; and, as some of you know - I'm OBSESSED with Jewellery!

So what can you expect from Southern Bliss Boutique?! All of my favourite things... Turquoise, Cowhide, Tooled Leather, and more. Although jewellery will be my primary focus - you will also find a selection of Southern inspired clothing.

If there is something you want to see - just ask! I will do my best to bring you the pieces you want!

I'm so scared & excited about sharing this adventure with you!

-Suzanne Smyth
Southern Bliss Boutique