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Custom Brand Sign



* I’m excited to introduce Custom Brand Signs

* Dimensions can vary based on the shape of your brand (square, horizontal, vertical)

* Pictured sign is 12”long by 9.5” high once framed 

* Please be sure that your check out information includes your email, you will be contacted via email to make arrangements for the custom design of brand. We will ask for any photos or documents you may have of your brand so that it can be recreated to our best ability. 

* Please allow 4-6 weeks for your custom sign to be made

* These are handmade with real wood. Variations in the wood are possible. 

* Yea, I know! The price of these have increased since I first launched them.  Considering the amount of time it is taking me for each piece, as well as the increase in shipping costs, I had no other choice but to increase the price of the product.  I hope you truly still feel these custom pieces are worth every penny ❤️

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